Who We Are

About Us

Profitwise Advisors is a consultancy firm focused on helping clients dramatically improve their bottom lines. What sets us apart is that we draw on our over 30 years of executive level experience on both the sales and operations sides of both Enterprise level and SMB organizations. We have deep experience in building high-performing, national in scope sales organizations as well as COO and CFO experience in maximizing the productivity of your staff and controlling your operating expenses.

Team going over growth strategy

Our Industry Expertise

Our professional experience cuts through all industry types including healthcare, technology, and general business. The benefit to our clients is that we know a lot of the challenges you are faced with each day, and we know how to help.

Our Value Proposition

We have created a model that can bring value to our clients in a number of different ways. The first is our Fractional Chief Revenue consulting program. This program is designed to help accelerate the revenue growth of start-up or SMB organizations that have plateaued in revenue growth.

SMB Marketplace

The second part of our model is our SMB marketplace. This is where you will see a number of different solutions, both services and products, that we have vetted that will help you either reduce your expenses or increase your revenues. Some may do both!

Phase I

Diagnostic Approach

In Phase I of our process, we take a hands-on, tactical approach to your current sales and marketing process. We start with the building blocks of identifying your value proposition, your target market, your web and social media presence, and your target market again. We then identify areas that need improvement by taking your message to your market and testing your current sales approach.

expert accountant working on tax planning
expert accountant working on tax planning

Phase II

Refinement & Implementation

Once acquainted with the nuances of your product or service in the market, we progress to Phase II. Here, we strategize and recommend enhancements, bringing innovative solutions to the forefront. Whether it's a revamped marketing strategy, an appointment setting mechanism, or redefining your sales team's structure, we're here. With an arsenal of vetted services, we align solutions with your needs, either partnering with your preferred vendors or suggesting new ones. Our ultimate aim? To be your profit-building collaborator for the long haul.

Unlock Your Business Potential

At Profitwise Advisors, we stand out by leveraging decades of high-level experience in sales, operations, finance, and leadership across both Enterprise and SMB landscapes. Elevate your profitability with our tailored strategies for enhanced sales, staff productivity, and cost management.